Colorwall® is driven by a set of values and principles that define everything we do and every one of our employees is held to this standard of behavior. As a trusted partner, we consistently deliver high-value work to satisfied clients who continue to reward us with multiple projects and referrals.


Our experts actively listen to your challenges and learn about your constraints in order to provide strong leadership to all parties in the job with the goal of working together as one integrated team.


Every member of our team is expected to work with a sense of fairness, responsiveness, and accountability.Our employees are expected to meet all challenges, and when problems arise, they are ready to go the distance to resolve them.

Building Relationships

Colorwall® strives to build long-term relationships with its clients and with any external team member of the overall project. We do so by focusing on the long-term and by providing an excellent service during and after the building process has been completed. Because we focus on building long-term relationships, our customers are our seal of approval and best ambassadors. These relationships are a critical element of how we work, how we solve problems, and how we compete.


Colorwall adheres to a strict safety policy in all our project sites. Project managers are expected to follow and enforce our regulations and to run clean, well-organized jobsites.


Colorwall teams are relentless about the details of every project and they are expected to do whatever is required to make the project a success beyond design and execution.